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My Approach

 All clients deserve a safe, supportive space that encourages acceptance, understanding, and emotional growth. Chris's approach to therapy is one where she and the client work as a collaborative unit to identify and enact solutions to work through their issues and goals they bring to treatment. This united spirit allows her clients to make meaningful break throughs to improve their lives and relationships. Chris has respect for your cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and your social experiences. Has a therapist, Chris uses many therapy strategies, however she utilizes EMDR, Play therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, the most to assist her clients, Adults, Teens, Adolescents, and children. 



 Chris has had experience assisting adolescents as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA) in Juvenile Court and has a case manager. Chris has worked with children of abuse and adolescents under Court ordered probation. Chris can assist with your child's development needs, learning ways to reduce conflict and the exposure of conflict, assist with co-parenting, learning to communicate effectively to your child, and assist with options to give your child a successful life. When your child is going through a difficult time and you are at the end of ideas, Chris can give you some ideas through play to find your loving relationship again.

 I can help your child or adolescent with their anxiety and traumas.


          Is their conflict in the home? 

          It can be overwhelming to understand your child's new challenges.


Their exposure to the world beyond your home is also expanding.

Your ability to protect them is diminishing and your relationship is changing.

All the hormonal changes of this developmental age are also adding to the nature of their emotions.

The new technology that can overwhelm your child and find themselves addicted. It can be                     challenging. 

         You can feel confident that your child is getting support and in control for giving them new tools to face this new world.   You are strong and have this. 

  First Responders

 Chris is a first responders wife. "I know what it's like to share my husband with the public that needs him, the crazy schedule and long hours without them. The call the responder is stuck with day in and day out. I'm here for you both or individual therapy to find your way through.Life is different these days and it can be difficult to communicate when there are many things out of your control.  Let's start for a better connection with yourself and your spouse. 



Fire Crisis Support Line: 602-845-FIRE (3473)
An independent, confidential fire support crisis line for fire personnel and their families.

Law Enforcement Crisis Support Line: 602-433-COPS (2677)
















Craig Tiger Act 

"Ducey in 2016 signed legislation creating the Traumatic Event Counseling Program for first responders, which provided up to 12 counseling visits per traumatic event, but the new law covers up to 36 visits with a licensed treatment professional. Also, first responders will not lose pay or benefits if they are deemed unfit for duty, and their employers cannot require them to use paid time-off to attend counseling."


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